PhD Student Annual Review

Every year, we coordinate an annual review for PhD students working on HCC research. We do this as a way to help support students to think about their long-term goals and reflect on their research progress to date. This is an opportunity for students to get individualized feedback and advice to help them move towards their goals. Our intention with this process is not to “grade” students, but to give concrete feedback and advice about projects and goals and make sure everyone is on track to (eventually) graduate. We have designed this process to mimic the kinds of evaluations we expect graduates will be asked to complete for promotion or annual review in their careers. We see this process as an opportunity for students to reflect on their activities to date, as it is often easy to get lost in the day-to-day and not make time for this important activity.

This review is required for all PhD students in the HCC PhD program, and open to any interested IS students working with HCC faculty.

Materials are submitted through a google form with many fields for students to enter your activities this year and include a link to a .pdf of a CV.

Submitted information will only be viewed by the faculty committee.


Typically, student materials are due at the end of May and faculty review these materials in June.

The faculty committee will meet in early June to discuss these materials, and write individualized feedback for students before July.