Alyson Young

Photo of Alyson Young

PhD Alumna

What was your background before entering the PhD program?
MA in Media Studies, the University of Western Ontario
Honours BA in Comm. Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University

Tell us a little about your research.
I am at the intersection of CSCW, S&TS, and Infrastructure Studies. I examine the sociotechnical implications of radically multidisciplinary science, including complexities around data sharing and reuse. I also examine the infrastructures that have emerged to support these efforts, and the ways they enable and constrain scientific practice.

What is next for you?
In the Fall, I start as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human-Centered Computing at IUPUI.

What do you like best about the HCC program at UMBC?
It is ideal for those interested in not only designing and developing new computational artifacts, but also interested in how humans adopt and organize their lives around computing technology.